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Refined for nearly 30 years, JIAN (jee'on - a zen word meaning the "master of every art") provides business owners, entrepreneurs, and consultants with comprehensive, professional software templates to organize, fund, build, run, and protect their businesses.

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2,000,000+ have used our tools

Few things are more rewarding and gratifying than succeeding with your own ideas and making a difference in the world. If you have a vision and are inspired... And you want to build a profitable business doing what needs doing in our world... We have the tools to help you!

NEW! Investors Interested? Use this!

Investors often ask for a 2-page summary business plan before taking a meeting. Now you have the templates you need to properly introduce yourself and your business to them. This is the perfect, low-cost, minimal-effort solution before writing a full business plan. $17 Mac/Win
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Easy to use. Here's why...

JIAN apps are built on the same intuitive, menu-driven system and manages Word, Excel & PowerPoint templates - so each app works the same way. Since you already know how to use Office, the learning curve is mercifully short. Now look at what you can accomplish with all these tools at your fingertips!

Everyone knows you need a business plan to raise capital

Whether you're raising $5,000 - $50 million, BizPlanBuilder helps you write a compelling investment-grade business plan quickly and easily. Its organized system includes sample plans, built-in financial projections, and a proven PowerPoint investor presentation template. With 2+ million copies sold, billions raised, and awarded Success Magazine's "Editor's Choice" Award. BizPlanBuilder is the business plan software proven for raising capital. Mac / Win
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Inspirational & educational too!

Simple guided interview screens with step-by-step direction, and video introductions get you up, editing and finished quickly. And ready for every audience! No planning experience needed.

Manage Much More than Contacts!

Track all of your contacts, customers, investors, team, projects, proposals, deals, events... All in one comprehensive and easy to manage system. Even manages multiple mailing campaigns.
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Expert comments throughout

Within every section, expert advice, comments and suggestions explain what to do and why -- helping you 'get it', do it right, and side-step mistakes. In addition to the fully scripted templates, we include anecdotes, ideas, links, lists, samples, and lessons learned -- everything to make you successful!

Stock Options - the Ultimate Employee Stimulus!

Give your employees & contractors a "piece of the action!" Pay them with stock & save cash! Stock options are perfect for start-ups (see package deal below).
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24/7 Secure Access

This is critical to your success and we take it very seriously! You control all access to your projects from your desktop or mobile device.

The Ultimate Start-Up Funding Package Deal!

Here is the best subscription deal for startups & growing companies to raise capital! Your $19.97/mo subscription includes:
  • Cloud-Based BizPlanBuilder Business Plan Software Template Online
  • Contact / Project Management (Online CRM) System
  • Stock Options Builder
  • Sample LLC Docs and Contract Templates
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Built for collaboration

Now you can work together on your business plan, financial model, employee policies, contracts and other projects with your team, advisors, partners & investors... All in the same place. You can even insert your own docs into JIAN's apps and manage them as part of the system.

Draft Rock-Solid Agreements with Customers & Vendors

This library of 165 Sample Legal Business Contracts -- in Plain-English -- makes it easy for you to make better deals to build and protect your business. Use them as sample templates during negotiations to assure covering all the bases. We've torture-tested them ourselves and refined them over a variety of our own deals!
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Point, Click & Print

Our proven financial models, investor presentation, and simple point-and-click wizards help you go from start to print easier & better than anyone. Easily produce PDFs for posting on websites.

Strategic Marketing Planning System

Now you can sort out all of your marketing opportunites with an expert marketing strategy and planning system complete with a collection of professionally written sample marketing plan templates and decision-support worksheets. Marketing Builder enables you to easily plan and build an entire marketing program from scratch. Save money on marketing fads -- prioritize, calculate, and plan your overall program for the BEST effect! Click to See It...

Testimonials... Are they for real?

Actually, yes they are. Generally, we don't solicit comments; however, we very much appreciate customers who send us their success stories! Almost all of the success cases and quotes are unsolicited - they are bona fide testimonials from real people who have used our software. You're not likely to see success cases like these on other websites... because they don't have them!

Grab FREE Media Promotion Using this Professionl PR planning software & press release templates

Now you can develop and manage your own public relations using this proven Public Relations Management System with Sample Press Release Templates. "If you have a product, service or announcement you think belongs in the media and a budget you know won't stand much expense, consider Publicity Builder" - Larry Blasko, Associated Press. Larry Shannon of The New York Times says Publicity Builder, "... amounts to a course in how to win editors and influence reporters." Click to Learn More...

I love it when good products, companies & people succeed!

and I wanted to share what I've learned from building my own business compounded by creating software to help others build theirs. Building a successful business and being a mindful entrepreneur is an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual boot-camp.
~ Burke Franklin, JIAN Creator & CEO

Publish an up-to-date employee policies handbook and protect your business from labor disputes & lawsuits

Here's the easy way to create an employee policies and procedures manual to establish your "ground rules" for working at your company. Pre-written sample employee policy handbook includes 200+ employee policies and procedures - eliminates most of the loopholes that other software does not. Click to prevent lawsuits...

Raising Business Consciousness

Our idea of "saving the world" is providing the business development tools for all of us to make a difference. This is an unprecedented opportunity to make a profound contribution to businesses everywhere. Together, we can push the standards of business practices throughout the world to an entirely new level! Click here to dive deeper...

Automate your employee data management and track your HR files

At a time when it's imperative to keep organized, consistent, and accurate records on all employees, HR File Builder (formerly Employee File Builder) can provide you with the best possible documentation. Evaluating employee performance, making recommendations, preparing reports, and backing up personnel decisions and policies has never been easier. Click to learn more...

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This is what you get when you tune-in to Business Black Belt Radio Learn from these interviews with thought leaders on building a successful business. Download the FREE calculator above and you'll automatically be included in our weekly newsletter. See who's been interviewed...

Protect your employees and avoid costly OSHA fines

Publish a custom illness and injury prevention manual to quickly and easily comply with OSHA. Avoid lawsuits, train your employees, and provide a safe workplace. It's that easy! Click to learn more...

Business Command Center

Our new online dashboard integrates all of our apps and templates into one easy to use control panel. Consultants can now offer more than ever to their clients AND have an efficient way to work on and manage projects.

Get ALL of Our Tools and Save BIG!

Here is an amazing package deal on all of JIAN's current software & templates, plus the opportunity to have lifetime access to all of our future web-based apps and templates for a single, one-time investment. (Think of it like a crowd-funding offer to accelerate the development of our online dashboard system!)
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Expert Referral Network

While you're using our software to handle a variety of business projects, you may want a professional to help or review your work, offer additional advice, address unique circumstances, and introduce you to important contacts. Click here to find an expert near you...

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