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Investors Interested? Produce a summary business plan quickly to get a meeting!

Investors often ask for a 2-page summary business plan before taking a meeting. Now you can give them exactly what they want. Excel worksheet proves your feasibilty and produces the nice financial table embedded in your summary plan. Video tutorials explain everything. It's the perfect, low-cost, minimal effort solution before writing a full business plan.

Your unfair advantage with investors!

The business plan proven to raise capital! Give angels, crowd funders and VCs a plan they'll fund.

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How much will
your dreams cost?

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What is your financial goal? We have all kinds of apps and templates to help you build your business...
This is a fun place to get started! Calculate financial needs with this free excel projection model template - Click to learn more...

165 legal business contract templates

in plain-English make it easy for you to make better deals to build and protect your business!

Plan your marketing strategy & budget

Save money on marketing fads -- prioritize & plan your overall program for the BEST effect!


Are you a
Business Advisor?
Here are the tools to help you make more money from more clients!

See our special program for expert business advisors: Collaborative Web-based tools make it easy for you to offer more to your clients. Add yourself or your firm to our Referral Directory so our software subscribers can contact you directly!

Prevent employee disputes and lawsuits!

It's easy to create a productive workplace using this HR policies handbook software template.

Employee record
management system...

automates all of your employee data management and gets rid of the paperwork!

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