Advanced and evolved… the up-to-date 2015 employee policies handbook upgrade you’ve been waiting for!

2014 employee policies handbook software template app - Employee Manual Builder by JIAN

200+ prescripted policies!

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Since you last created your employee policies handbook with Employee Manual Builder, we have replaced, updated, and added an entirely new set of employee policies for you to better manage your business. Also, we’ve built them into the proven JIAN multi-user document assembly system (MIDAS) to make editing and publishing your updated employee handbook a breeze.

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Choose from 200+ current employment policies & benefits

200? Is that overkill? Maybe, but it’s the best protection for you company and the best practices for effectively managing your people. The text and guidance are all right there, ready for you to edit into a customized manual for your company. HR professionals’ comments throughout each section explain issues and make suggestions to help you do it right. With all of your office guidelines published in a comprehensive, reader-friendly manual, you have more time to build your company or department.

“I will recommend the Employee Manual Maker to many of my small business clients.”
~ Elwin Boody, SBDC, Canon City, CO

Highlights of the new employee policies manual software system

Advancements over 20 years by HR experts, attorneys and entrepreneurial managers guarantee a positive & conscious company culture for maximum productivity. Includes everything you need to plan, develop & implement your employee policies and produce a comprehensive workplace / employee policy handbook:

  • Completely revised employee policies handbook software with 200+ Employment Policies & Procedures
  • Update your employee policy manual in just a few hours — just edit the pre-written text using Microsoft Word
  • Addresses the toughest standards of every state (including California & Hawaii)
  • Written in warm, friendly, plain-English
  • Includes the comprehensive Manager’s Procedures Guide
  • 60+ time-saving employee management checklists, forms, memos & 10 Federal posters, even the full text of the laws, are included!
  • Step x step on-screen guidance and advice from respected human resource management and labor law specialists
  • Collaborative system enables project-sharing over a network or the Internet
  • Top-rated by professional Human Resources Management Reviewers
  • Rave reviews by other HR management professionals
  • Instant download after purchase.

2014 employee policies handbook software template app - Employee Manual Builder by JIAN

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“Yes! I am extremely happy with your product. I had an ancient floppy disk version sitting on the shelf. I downloaded and installed the upgrade, edited the policies, converted the entire document to PDF, and uploaded it to our web server! Thanks to you and your fine company, I was able to quickly publish a real, editable policy handbook instead of just slapping something together. As a small business consultant, you can be sure that I will recommend your software to others in our sphere of influence.”
~ George Ireton, Shasta Consulting & Web Design, Redding, CA,

What’s New…

We’ve made major enhancements in every section since the previous version, and incorporated a variety of new tools to help you succeed:

  • Almost every single policy
  • All Forms
  • All Posters
  • All Appendices (These are the long docs behind certain new laws)

New Sections Added

  • Behavior Competency Guide
  • Compensatory Time Off
  • Computer Protection
  • Conservation
  • Direct Deposit
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Hygiene
  • Make-Up Time (Work extra hours to make up for time off/away. No, it’s not extra time to put on lipstick!)
  • No Recording (No sneaky recording of conversations – Do it with full acknowledgment for everyone.)
  • Paid Family Leave
  • Payroll Advances
  • Resignation Notice
  • Social Media Policy
  • School Involvement
  • State Disability Insurance Benefit Procedures
  • Telecommuting
  • Timesheets / Time Cards

Manager’s Procedures Guide

Here is a useful collection of articles helpful; to provide background for supporting / enforcing your policies. We left it as a Word doc in the event you wanted to edit it further before printing and distributing to your supervisors.

Looks great! I’ve worked in HR for 4 years and I’ve been collecting policies all along from various sources, but this has enabled me to finally put together all the pieces. I care a lot about empowering people, and I can see that this was written from that point of view. Thanks.
– Annie Kavanagh, Director of Human Resources, ComputerWare, Palo Alto, CA

2014 employee policies handbook software template app - Employee Manual Builder by JIANClick here to Purchase & Download the Apple Macintosh 2014 Template Version

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