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JIAN Agreement Builder sample legal business contract templates

Nothing like a nice lawsuit for inspiration…

Way back, being sued by a former employee who felt he should be paid for sales 10 years out into the future inspired the Sales Representative Agreement (just ONE of the 165 sample contract templates available here). We wrote it with a renewed sense of need. This sample Sales Representative contract alone could save you as much or than $80,000 (that was my legal bill to win the lawsuit)!

I think you’ll be very happy to have this in place with every salesperson you hire, either as a contractor on straight commission or as an employee with a base salary.

Lesson learned — problem prevented!

Fortunately, that’s not how we typically develop software, but there’s a lesson worth sharing. And now we offer 165 comprehensive sample business contracts that you can use today. Your business shouldn’t be the torture testing ground for dumb things that can cost a fortune. Instead, you can benefit from our effort, experience, and investment in these sample legal contract templates.

165 ways to avoid “unnecessary roughness” in business


By teaming up with real-world business attorneys and business deal-makers, we’ve created thorough, legally binding contracts that support business deals with clear and fair terms.

I compared your docs against LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer and theirs are generic and incomplete compared to Jian’s. I spent last night editing the document to my liking and had it reviewed by a securities attorney who happens to be a friend. Was very impressed and gave me the OK to use it. Very pleased and will be sure to spread the word about your amazing products and JIAN.
Brad Fishman

“A contract is written evidence of an agreement.” ~ Attorney
In fact, these sample contract templates will help you to see important deal points you may overlook.  If you were an attorney, you’d have a library of sample contract templates you could access. But if you’re not a lawyer, here’s your best option… Now you’ll have an excellent starting point for documenting future deals. Then discuss and fine-tune them with your attorney.

Now in plain-English!


By establishing clear terms, you’ll avoid legal haggling over ambiguities and lawsuits where the court must decide what you meant, what to do next, and who’s going to pay.

And, we’ve successfully used most of them ourselves!

This collection of sample business contracts will support your deals, help you build your business and save you a small fortune in legal bills. Because each sample contract is written using Microsoft® Word, Agreement Builder gives you complete control over your text, formatting and style. With Agreement Builder you simply fill in the variables, change as necessary, and print.

business plan software template review pc computing…while Agreement Builder won’t replace your attorney, it may just keep your costs down. With a draft contract in hand, your lawyer might not feel obliged to charge so much for services.
~ Jack Lyon, PC Computing

Draft thorough, properly structured business deals

With these ironclad sample contract templates

  • For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Consultants & Attorneys
  • Compiled, edited and annotated by practicing attorneys and deal-makers
  • Easily customizable using Microsoft® Word
  • Get all of them or just the subsets you want now
  • LLC collection includes LLC Operating Agreement + all LLC formation docs
  • Attorney’s comments throughout each agreement explain issues and give direction
  • Bonus: Handbook of Business Contracts (PDF)
  • Supported by law firm Burk & Reedy
  • Windows or Macintosh compatible (requires Microsoft® Office)
  • Instant download after purchase

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Below are all of the sample business contracts included with Agreement Builder. To preview each sample contract on-screen to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, just click on any title and it will open with Adobe Acrobat Reader. (As these are demos for verification only, copying and printing is locked-out.

(The “NDA~General” you may download and use right now for free.)

I would recommend this tremendous work of essential legal documents in doing business to anyone! You can use my name and quote anyway or anywhere you feel fit. You have an excellent product that would be of value to anyone self-employed, small-business or medium-sized business. (Larger companies probably have their own lawyers, either on retainer or as part of the legal staff.) This is great stuff. And, you are very customer-service oriented. I would recommend you to anyone who had need for your expertise.
~ Michael McGee, McGee & Associates, Santa Clara, CA

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Remember to scan the entire list since we may have named an agreement differently than you may expect.


Human Resources / Management

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Intellectual Property

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Internet / Web

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Legal / Administration

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Limited Liability Company (LLC)

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Product Development

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FYI… You must be the sole owner of all works made for hire. The contractor / consultant retains no copyright or business interest in your project. You need to do this to ensure uniqueness – that the designer / developer cannot just duplicate the work done for you and sell it to others. You also want control… If / when you sell your company you don’t want to have to get special releases from each freelancer explicitly releasing “their” interests in your intellectual property.


Real Estate

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Marketing & Sales

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“I was immediately able to use the exclusive distribution agreement to establish one of the largest contracts of the company.”
~ Andrea Sanchez, Owner, International Financial Services, Oxnard, CA


Software Development

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