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Here’s Your Hands-On Approach to Public Relations

Public relations pr management software with sample press release templates

Many tools and strategies can help you receive publicity. The information and worksheets in this section will help you create your unique messages and learn to work with the media to effectively promote your products or services and your company or organization.

1 – Developing Your PR Message
2 – Writing Effective Press Releases
3 – Other Tools of the Trade
4 – Targeting the Media
5 – Getting the Word Out
6 – Providing Review Products & Conducting Demonstrations
7 – Following Up on Publicity

Learn how to use Public Relations to build your business…

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Follow this Step x Step Guide to Successful Public Relations Management

Tools of the Trade

Getting the Word Out

Providing Review Products & Demos

Following-Up on Publicity

Conventions & Tradeshows

Maximizing Your Exposure